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Discover Almost All The Edible And Medicinal Plants In North America

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Author: Claude Davis

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Review of The Lost Ways 2nd Edition

Inside The Lost Ways 2 Book

First of all, imagine going on with your weekly routine and all over a sudden the room you’re in turns pitch black and all electronics fail. Then, you rush to the washroom out of panic only to realize that the water taps have also run dry. The nation has just come under a major EMP attack and no system is functioning.

What would you do?

Eventually, you don’t have to scratch your head attempting to find a solution because that’s what book called Lost Ways 2 is all about. Written by a survival guru with a stunning track record, this guide aims to equip you with essential survival skills once possessed by our ancestors.

Learn The Survival Techniques

Furthermore, The Lost Ways 2 book will teach you farming skills, food preparation, food storage, water storage, poultices preparation and other ways of dealing with drought and EMP attacks. The idea here to is to make you self-sufficient at all times.

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Insight of The Lost Ways 2 Book

The Lost Ways 2nd Edition is a PDF 300-page book where it covers strategies for ensuring that your family is well prepared for times during calamity.

It teaches various skills such as having food reserves as a family, water, and medicine among other essentials. Moreover, this book also teach about soil types for planting seeds to harvesting seeds and storing them without refrigeration.

Cookery Skills

In addition, you will also learn some cookery skills for preparing survival foods where you will be taught about a super-food called the samurai super-food. This super-food is packed with nutrients and probiotics. Besides, you will learn about the great depression super-food that can last for up to 2 years without refrigeration.

Meat in The Bush

Other than that, you will learn how to have meat in the bush. You will know how to use every part of meat, skin, and bones.

Common Illness

On the other hand, you will learn how to deal with some common illnesses. For this reason, you will get to know about the anti-bacterial properties of some plants and what plants can be used for treating heart issues, diabetes, infections and other ailments.

Essential Survival Resource

Do you know that charcoal is an essential survival resource? This lost ways 2 guide will teach you how to make activated charcoal from charcoal. In fact, you will acquire skills for making gas masks from activated charcoal. Not to mention, you will also get to know how activated charcoal pills can be used for water purification and for treating various ailments including indigestion, bad cholesterol, gas among other ailments.

Finally, you will gain knowledge about water provision for your family. Apart from learning how sailors used to preserve water for long periods of time with locally available materials, you will also develop skills of digging a well, easily.

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About The Author (Claude Davis)

         Claude Davis Meet Claude Davis, an experienced survivalist who can live in the jungle comfortably. He created The Lost Ways 2 Book to pass on the skills he has acquired in the last 30 years to others.

Other than that, Claude also runs a survival website to interact with fellow survivalists and mentor beginner survivalists.

Plus, Claude Davis is very enthusiast about technical survival skills. In fact, he run this programs so the current generation will embrace the need for having survival skills for overcoming any kind of calamity.

Any The Lost Ways 2 Bonus?

The Lost Ways Second Edition has two bonus e-books. You will get these 2 Free Bonuses worth over $29 each including:

How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land

Bonus #1 How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land

The bonus book covers ways of finding water, power and generally remaining self-sufficient with minimal supplies. You will learn how to subdivide land to make the most out of it and how to plant a medicinal garden.

What Do You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP

Bonus #2 What Do You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP

This bonus guide focus on teaching you 43 things you need to have in place before an EMP attack.

Customer Reviews on The Lost Ways 2

I love this survival guidebook, the book teaches me how to save yourself and family or your loved ones from any crisis or disaster. There's the list of life-saving antibiotic plants you can plant in the backyard of the home. I surprised that many plants actually could be used to cure various diseases without using medications after I read The Lost Ways book. It has provided me with a lot of new knowledge about the herbal plant.
Meghan Rountree
I believe it is as valuable as a pantry full of survival food in a crisis. I began surfing through the table of contents and ended up reading the entire book. Gets right to the point, and, very informative. Clear pictures. Covers every topic I would want and many I didn't think of. We also gathered wild foods and medicines. I still do some and share that with others. I love learning about natural and wild foods, medicines, Pemmican making, old ways of doing things and incorporating that into my life.
Debora Perez
I ordered four books from the site I found on Fox News; I have only viewed the instant online download so far but there is a tremendous amount of great information contained in these books. It is true you could find this information elsewhere online but knowing the question to ask is what these books provide. I will use the basic information provided to research more specifically the topics that interest me. My son and I are going to build some of the structures. This will be a great time to hang out together before he moves on with his own family.
David Conklin
I purchased the hard Cover 2nd Edition book and was very pleased when it arrived right on time. It is a beautiful book with gold colored designs on the leater-like hard cover, truly beautiful. It is well made with good quality slick paper. Lots and lots of good drawings and photos. It contains a large section on many many wild plants that can be eaten with a photo of each plant. On the last few pages of the book it explains how to make wild lettuce extract for pain. This information alone is worth the price of the book. I am very happy with the book. It contains lots of great old receipes and other information like making a smoke house, digging a well, smoking meat, drying potatoes and other food, black powder guns, how to reload ammo, trapping, tanning hides, and a whole lot of other stuff that will be useful when the shtf in this country and our way of life drops back about two hundred years. I gave this great book five stars and would give it more if possible.
Bob Christian

* Disclaimer: Individual result may vary

What Is The Lost Ways Book 2 Benefit?

We live in a modern world where education programs are highly specialized, leaving very few people possessing technical skills.

This program will benefit you if you want to acquire basic technical survival skills that our ancestors possessed.

The skills will help your family during catastrophic periods by providing them with a much-needed lifeline during tough times.

Save Cost

Buying The Lost Ways 2 book and implementing it won’t make you break the bank. This book is competitively priced. After all, the aim of this program is to help you survive a disaster with minimal amounts of resources. Therefore, you will find most of the resources affordable and easily available. Besides that, you won’t need to hire an expert. You will be coached how to be the expert yourself. The author will teach you how to implement the program yourself.

Usable Tips

This program will see you develop a food reserve and, therefore, have food ready always in case a disaster happens anytime. You will learn to live life in a worst case scenario and with minimal resources. Above all, you can apply these tips to your DIY life and rest assured of saving yourself some cool bucks in these tough economic times.

Hands-On Skills

This program will teach you ways of surviving in case a calamity happens at any time. If you choose to implement the program, you will have a food reserve, clean water, and the assurance to survive for many more years to come. Most importantly, you will gain hands-on skills to be prepared in case of any calamities that might befall us.

Technical Skills

This program will teach you many different skills. You will learn to make super-foods, how to make tools from bones, how to make leather from skins, how to skin an animal, how to identify medicinal plants among other things. If you get to implement the program and do it as a family, you will gain a lot of skills that will help you for a lifetime.

Developed By a Survivalist

This program has been developed by Claude Davis. He is an experienced survivalist. By enrolling in this program you’ll be mentored by a seasoned survivalist. You and your family members will soon become fully-equipped survivalists who can overcome any odds. The new survivalist skills will open new doors for your family to explore and experience the world in a new way.

The Pros

  • 60 days money back guarantee
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  • The Lost Ways 2 guide book is currently on sale and available in both hard copy and soft copy (PDF)
  • This PDF book will be available for online download
  • 24/7 Customer Service support system
  • The book will be used for future reference

The Cons

  • If you buy The Lost Ways 2 hard copy or physical book, you will be required to pay shipping costs. Therefore you will incur an extra cost
  • This book requires you to read. Hence, it requires you to dedicate time for it to work.
  • This program requires time to implement

Verdict: Is it Worth Purchasing?

          Finally, this Program will not only help you survive any catastrophe but also equip you with the skills needed to take full charge of your life should the worst happen.

And even if we’re lucky and no disaster happens, you can still use the techniques taught in here for your hobbyist stuff.

Nevertheless, instead of spending your days worrying about the future, consider grabbing yourself a copy of Lost Ways Survival Guide and start preparing today.

Conclusion: Get a copy of The Lost Ways 2 Survival book at discounted price now!

* Disclaimer: Individual result may vary

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The Lost Ways 2 ™ Book Online Sale
Author: Claude Davis
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